Nigerian Outfits for Women – Blending Tradition with Modernity


The fashion revolution is a global movement that values people and creativity in equal measures. Women in Nigeria have always been at the forefront of fashion and style, and have embraced a variety of trends in fashion wear, that include intricate patterns, African print dresses, chic styles, and other Nigerian outfits for women. African print dresses have been very popular of late, and come in many forms, such as dresses, jumpsuits, and head wraps.


Nigerian women are known to be bold when it comes to their clothing choices. They celebrate their fashion like anything. Ira Shift Dress featured at Honey Tribe is a popular dress which is made from wax cotton with deep plunge neckline. OV Asymetrical Skirt features a rear zipper with asymmetrical ruffle effect. Our Skarsgard Reversible Denim Skirt fits true to size, and manufactured with authentic denim.

Ankara outfits

Ethnic diversity of Nigeria is reflected in our Nigerian women’s clothing for sale. Our form-fitting Ankara modern female dresses are designed to accentuate your curves and figures at the right places. While some are designed with individuality and comfort in mind. Unlike other Nigerian outfits for women, Ankara makes up for a significant portion of women’s trousers in Nigeria. You can choose tight-fitting trousers, three-quarter length, ankle-length, or additional flare like wide legged. Matching sets in different textures and designs will add life to your closet.


For us, style is so much more than the cut of your clothes; it’s an art form that seems innate to Nigerians. Our collection of African print dresses will reflect your personality, that you can use to flaunt your style. Combining tradition and modernity, African clothing designs for ladies not only represent Africa’s clothing cultural heritage but also stunning designs that captivate the attention of international fashion lovers. 


Jewelry and other accessories
Being very meticulous and creative people, Nigerians are very good at jewelry and wearing corals, the latter being more popular as riverine areas as dress culture. Nigerian clothing is made of a wide range of colors, textures, embellishments, which are often beads. The trendy styles and accessories in Nigerian women’s clothing for sale are gaining international recognition. Traditional Nigerian dresses feature stones and pearls, that look both elegant and timeless. The outfit is usually worn with sparkling accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


Bottoms are craze in Nigerian fashionwear
Our designers have created stunning garments, ranging from skirts to pantsuits and jumpsuits, that combine vibrant prints and modern silhouettes. Our colorful flared Nigerian outfits provide the most comfortable feeling with elegant layouts and patterns. Edgy shorts and asymmetrical skirts are a few among women bottom wears that are a craze in the Nigerian fashion scene. These bottom wears, we have from the normal form-fitting skirts to the edgier looks.


Other than traditional attires, our collection of Nigerian attire for women includes clothing made of adire (batik), lace, and Ankara. With comfortable and easy to wash materials, there is something for everyone in modern female dresses. So, all you beauties out there, flaunt your style with Honey Tribe high end ladies clothing store. We also ship to Canada, UK, and most other countries.