Celebrating African Fashionwear with Bold Prints, Sharp Cuts, and Embracing Cultural Traditions

Nigerian traditional dresses for ladies, and the best African traditional dresses made of fabrics like Ankara and Kente differ from those in other parts of the world as they are inspired by African culture and styles. While African designer clothes have always been bold and beautiful, they emerge from season-to-season, like the ones featured at Honey Tribe, that have bold prints and sharp cuts. Big sleeves in modern dress design for women are perfect to make a bold statement at events. For a bit more subtlety, keep the rest of your look minimal and simple.

Off-the-shoulder styles in African fashion for ladies can help make a Nigerian traditional outfit for ladies more attractive and elegant. A modern dress design for women could also be achieved with long-length dresses and peplum styles. Our collection of burgundy and brown colors in Nigerian traditional outfits for ladies gives a more rich and regal look. For a more vibrant look, try our pastel color shades of pink, blue, and green from our collection of branded women’s clothes online. Many ladies prefer to wear African wax print clothing on top paired with a plain pair of black trousers or dark blue jeans.   


Nigerian Traditional 0utfits for Ladies


Fashion dresses made of traditional African fabrics   

Ankara, often used in Nigerian traditional outfits for ladies, is produced using Batik wax-resistant tinting method. The fabric is widely used to create a variety of modern dress designs for women, including jumpsuits, skirts, clothes, blouses, and more. Kente is a traditional cloth from West Africa which is woven using a handloom. Each color and pattern in Kente African print dresses have hidden meanings. Dashiki is a popular loose-fitting T-shirt that originated in Nigeria and now is commonly worn throughout West Africa. V-neck and decorative patterns in this Nigerian traditional outfit for ladies can be embroidered along the neckline and at the end of sleeves.   

Bright colors to show your confidence   

People are attracted to wax African print dresses as they feature bright, vivid, and bold colors. Bright colors in branded women’s clothes online give you the freedom and confidence to explore your personal style. Honey Tribe African designer clothes has a vast collection of vivid colors for you to choose from to let you express your creativity and adventurous personality. Floral prints have always been popular in African fashion for ladies. These are great when worn with a pair of jeans, or skirt. Mini skirts are a part of modern dresses design for women, especially young influencers.    

Shop for accessories and embroideries   

Honey Tribe’s latest collection of African traditional dresses, Nigerian traditional outfits for ladies, modern dress designs for women, and branded women’s clothes online, highlight the charm of modern Nigerian and African women. Nigerian ladies have always been at the forefront of Africa’s fashion scene. At Honey Tribe, we have ensured that you have the best of African fashion for ladies, that embrace you induvial fashion sense. You can also shop for accessories like earrings, headwraps, handbags, and more to complete the look.